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DeepSec 2008 - Conference Schedule

DeepSec 2008 - Conference Schedule
DeepSec 2008 - Conference Schedule

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Forwarded from: DeepSec Conference Vienna 

The DeepSec In Depth Security Conference is happy to announce the 
preliminary schedule for this year's event from November 11th to 14th in 
Vienna, Austria.

The schedule which can be found at offers 
bleeding edge talks from international speakers on topics including 
botnet analysis, web application security, malware detection, legal and 
administrative issues, secure coding and code review, hardware an 
firmware attacks, and more.

Registration is open at:

In addition to the two day conference we offer two days of in-depth 
workshops on selected topics:

=E2=80=A3 Improving Code with Destructive Data (Heikki Kortti and Jukka Taimisto)
=E2=80=A3 Security Audit and Hardening of Java based Software (Marc Schoenefeld)
=E2=80=A3 The Exploit Laboratory (Saumil Udayan Shah)
=E2=80=A3 Design and Implementation of Security Awareness Campaigns (Stefan Schumacher)
=E2=80=A3 Advanced Malware Deobfuscation (Scott Lambert)
=E2=80=A3 Protocol and Traffic Analysis for Snort Signature (Matt Jonkman)
=E2=80=A3 Secure Application Coding for Enterprise Software (Vimal Patel)

List of speakers with presentations:

=E2=80=A3 Achim Reckeweg ; Sun Microsystems ; Germany
=E2=80=A3 Alex Stamos ; iSEC Partners ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Alexander Kornbrust ; Red Database Security GmbH ; Germany
=E2=80=A3 Andrea Monti ; Studio Legale Monti ; Italy
=E2=80=A3 Arrigo Triulzi ; Independent Security Consultant ; Italy
=E2=80=A3 Chema Alonso, Jos=C3=A9 Parada ; Inform=C3=A1tica 64 ; Spain
=E2=80=A3 Daniel Mende, Simon Rich ; ERNW GmbH ; Germany
=E2=80=A3 Dr. Anton Chuvakin ; LogLogic, Inc ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Haroon Meer ; SensePost ; South Africa
=E2=80=A3 Heikki Kortti and Jukka Taimisto ; Codenomicon Ltd ; Finland
=E2=80=A3 Jason Steer ; IronPort, a division of Cisco Systems ; UK
=E2=80=A3 Joe Stewart ; SecureWorks ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Jos=C3=A9 Nazario ; Arbor Networks ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Kurt Grutzmacher ; Pacific Gas & Electric ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Luciano Bello ; CITEFA/Si6 , Debian Project ; Argentina
=E2=80=A3 Marc Schoenefeld ; University of Bamberg ; Germany
=E2=80=A3 Matt Jonkman ; Emerging (formerly ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Morgan Marquis-Boire ; ; New Zealand
=E2=80=A3 Neelay S. Shah ; Foundstone Inc., A Division of McAfee ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Paolo Perego ; Spike Reply srl, Owasp Orizon Project leader ; Italy
=E2=80=A3 Peter Panholzer ; SEC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH ; Austria
=E2=80=A3 Rafael Dominguez Vega ; MWR InfoSecurity ; UK
=E2=80=A3 Saumil Udayan Shah ; CEO, Net-Square ; India
=E2=80=A3 Scott Lambert, Jason Geffner ; Microsoft, NGSSoftware Ltd. ; USA
=E2=80=A3 Sharon Conheady ; Ernst & Young ; UK
=E2=80=A3 Shreeraj Shah ; Blueinfy Solutions ; India
=E2=80=A3 Simon Roses Femerling ; Microsoft ; Spain
=E2=80=A3 Stefan Schumacher ; ; Germany
=E2=80=A3 Stefano Zanero ; Politecnico di Milano TU
=E2=80=A3 Claudio Criscione ; SecureNetwork Srl ; Italy
=E2=80=A3 VimalPatel ; Founder & Director, Blueinfy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ; India
=E2=80=A3 Vincenzo Iozzo ; Secure Network ; Italy
=E2=80=A3 Yarochkin Fedor/Meder Kydyraliev ; guard-info ; Kyrgyzstan
=E2=80=A3 Yiannis Pavlosoglou ; Ounce Labs / PhD, OWASP Project Leader ; United Kingdom
=E2=80=A3 fukami ; SektionEins GmbH ; Germany

DeepSec Organisation Team.

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Register now for HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia! With 
a new triple-track conference featuring 4 keynote 
speakers and over 35 international experts, this 
is the largest network security event in Asia and 
the Middle East! 

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