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TJX hacker pleads guilty

TJX hacker pleads guilty
TJX hacker pleads guilty 

By Ian Grant
15 Sep 2008

Damon Patrick Toey last week became the first person to plead guilty to 
helping to steal more than 40 million identities and account details in 
the world's biggest criminal computer hack.

US attorneys charged Toey and 10 others on 5 August with conspiracy, 
computer intrusion, fraud and identity theft.

They face charges of hacking into nine large US retailers, including TJX 
and its UK subsidiary, TKMaxx, to steal and resell more thn 40 million 
credit and debit card numbers. It is the largest hacking and identity 
theft case prosecuted so far by the Department of Justice.

Three defendants were US citizens, one was from Estonia, three from 
Ukraine, two from the People's Republic of China and one from Belarus. 
One was known only by an online alias.

The alleged leader, Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez, is believed to be a former 
secret service informer. Gonzales has pleaded not guilty to charges 
related to the TJX hack.


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