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SQL injection taints

SQL injection taints
SQL injection taints 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
16th September 2008

Add to the list of big-name sites felled by the mighty 
SQL injection attack.

According to Sophos, the business news site has been infected with 
attack code that since sometime last week has been trying to install 
malware on the machines of those who visit the site. The attack affected 
hundreds of pages offering employment information to 
MBA students. On Monday, the pages pointed to a Russian website that was 
not online, but the site could be revived at anytime, Sophos warned.

SQL injection attacks, so called because they attack a website's SQL 
database, have emerged as a weapon of choice among miscreants trying to 
infect the PCs of the masses. Rather than spend the time and money 
setting up a fraudulent site that tricks users into installing a 
keylogger or other type of malware, bad guys have found it easier to 
attack legitimate sites with high readership. Other organizations that 
have been hit with similar attacks include the Department of Homeland 
Security, the Phoenix Mars website, and sites belonging to UK government 

The attacks prey on servers that fail to sanitize searches and other 
types of user supplied data before sending them to a website's database. 
Once infected, the sites become a means for transmitting malware to 
thousands or millions of people visiting those sites.


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