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Apple finally deals with DNS bug

Apple finally deals with DNS bug
Apple finally deals with DNS bug 

By Robert McMillan
IDG news service
16 September 2008

Apple has finally released a security update for its Mac OS X operating 
system. The patch fixies a critical Internet security flaw that the 
company had failed to properly fix in late July.

The Mac OS X v. 10.5.5 security update has, fixed security bugs in 
Apple's software as well as several open-source components that ship 
with the operating system. In all, more than 25 bugs have been patched.

But the Internet flaw, which has to do with the Domain Name System 
(DNS), is the most widely publicised issue.

Apple, like many other operating-system vendors, was forced to patch its 
DNS software after security researcher Dan Kaminsky discovered a 
fundamental bug in the way this type of software is built.


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