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Airport screeners bypassing security

Airport screeners bypassing security
Airport screeners bypassing security 

By Deborah Sherman

DENVER - A new policy lets airport screeners at Denver International 
Airport bypass security screening checkpoints that passengers have to go 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rolled out the new 
uniforms and new screening policy at airports nationwide on Sept. 11.

The new policy says screeners can arrive for work and walk behind 
security lines without any of their belongings examined or X-rayed.

"Lunch or a bomb, you can walk right through with it," said Mike Boyd, 
an aviation consultant in Evergreen. "This is a major security issue."

At DIA, 9NEWS videotaped a dozen TSA screeners walk through a side gate 
and enter the sterile area of the airport carrying backpacks, purses and 
lunch boxes. Nothing was screened.

Sources tell 9Wants to Know, the reason for the security change may be 
tied to the new uniforms and badges.

The old, white TSA uniforms had yellow cloth badges sewn on them.

The new, blue uniforms have metal badges that set off alarms when 
screeners go through the checkpoints. Sources say the TSA is worried 
that the screeners will remove the badges while going through security 
and that they'll get lost or stolen.


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