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Information Security Leaders - Career Management Survey

Information Security Leaders - Career Management Survey
Information Security Leaders - Career Management Survey 


The purpose of this independent research is to survey the entire 
spectrum of Information Security professionals, with a variety of skill 
sets, and at different stages of their career to better understand how 
Information Security professionals are managing their careers, planning 
for their future, acquiring information, approaching certification and 
training, and achieving job satisfaction.

Upon conclusion, we will be able to share our research with the 
community in the form of presentations, articles, and white papers.

Our goal is to receive a significant number of responses from 
Information Security professionals, then to share our research with the 

Who should participate?

Anyone who either has a career in the Information Security industry or 
intends to have a career in the Information Security industry is 
encouraged to participate. The goal is to get the true pulse of 
Information Security professionals ? at all different stages of career 
development and in all different industry segments.

All opinions and experiences are welcomed and relevant.


The survey will be distributed through voluntary participation, media, 
industry bloggers, podcasts, conference presentations and ?word of 
mouth?. Industry member organizations and certifying bodies have been 
contacted and made aware of the survey.

Survey participants are encouraged to share the survey with their 
colleagues and peers.


The research is independent. No sponsorship will be offered or granted. 
No monies will be paid or received for participation, affiliation, 
promotion or endorsement.

Survey Format

The survey can be found at: 

The survey is being hosted by Survey Monkey. ( 

It will take each individual approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the 

There are 63 questions in total.

Individuals have the ability to skip questions at their choosing.

Personal Privacy

The survey is anonymous.

After the survey is completed, all participants have the ability to 
submit their e-mail after the survey to receive a copy of the research 
after the data has been collected and analyzed. The e-mail address is 
separate and in no way tied to the results.

E-mail addresses will not be shared with any third party.

Click here to view our privacy statement. 

Who is Conducting the Survey?

The survey was created by Lee Kushner, Mike Murray with the invaluable 
assistance of Dr. Max Kilger.

Lee Kushner is the President of LJ Kushner and Associates , an Executive 
Recruitment firm in the Information Security Industry. Lee has been 
working with Information Security professionals since 1996.

Mike Murray is an information security professional who has held diverse 
positions within the information security industry. He has run 
Information Security research teams, served in corporate Information 
Security functions, and has helped guide a number of information 
security professionals in their career. He has a passion for the 
industry and career development. His thoughts can be found on his blog 

Lee and Mike have been speaking on career management and career 
development for the past 2.5 years at industry events including RSA, 
DefCon, Source and others.

Dr. Max Kilger received his doctorate in Social Psychology from Stanford 
University. Max is also a senior member of the Honeynet Project. He is a 
frequent national and international speaker to law enforcement and 
intelligence agencies as well as information security forums. 

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