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U.S. tops list as source for botnet attacks

U.S. tops list as source for botnet attacks
U.S. tops list as source for botnet attacks 

By William Jackson

The United States was the top source of distributed attack traffic, 
originating nearly three times as many attacks as second-place China, 
according to a recent study by security service provider SecureWorks 

The figures are based on identified attacks attempted against the 
company's 2,000 customers so far in 2008. The bad guys launching the 
attacks were not always based in this country, but they used compromised 
computers in the United States to form botnets as platforms for the 

According to SecureWorks, 20.6 million attacks originated from U.S. 
computers and 7.7 million from Chinese computers.

"It clearly shows that the United States and China have a lot of 
vulnerable computers that have been compromised and are being used as 
bots to launch cyberattacks," said Hunter King, a security researcher at 
SecureWorks. "This should be a warning to organizations and personal 
computer users that not only are they putting their own computers and 
networks at risk by not securing them, they are providing these 
cybercriminals with a platform from which to compromise other 

The rest of the top 10 sources of attack traffic were:


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