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OMB to verify agency work on security settings

OMB to verify agency work on security settings
OMB to verify agency work on security settings 

By Mary Mosquera
September 24, 2008

The Office of Management and Budget plans to verify the data that 
agencies submitted about their progress in implementing the Federal 
Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) by using a statistical sampling 
approach that assesses policy compliance.

OMB anticipates that it will validate the agency data in November or 
December using the Policy Utilization Assessment (PUA) program, Karen 
Evans, OMB's administrator for e-government and information technology, 
said today at a security conference sponsored by the National Institute 
of Standards and Technology.

The FDCC is a standard security configuration that agencies must 
implement when they update their computers to the Microsoft Windows XP 
or Vista operating system. OMB has said a standard configuration should 
improve IT security because it requires a standard desktop view and 
should make updates, such as installing virus patches, faster and more 

In June, agencies submitted detailed technical plans to OMB about their 
implementation of FDCC security settings. In August, Evans issued 
guidance on implementing the first version of the FDCC.


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