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No espionage in candidate laptop theft

No espionage in candidate laptop theft
No espionage in candidate laptop theft 

September 24, 2008

Her first thought was that she might be the victim of political 
espionage - a Calgary version of Watergate.

Instead, Heesung Kim was just the victim of a cat burglar who climbed up 
on a pail, peeled away the screen, jimmied open the alleyway window of 
her Calgary Centre Liberal campaign office at 1801 1 St. SE, and made 
off with two laptops.

"There isn't much to be worried about in this riding, so after I thought 
about it for a second, I quickly ruled out political interference," said 
Kim. "And police said it's not that uncommon for people to break in and 
just steal laptops, so I'm pretty sure it was just a crime of 

The laptops, one of them fingerprint-protected, were being used for 
Kim's campaign. They didn't contain any voter information, which is 
regularly uploaded to a server in Ottawa and is password protected. She 
also has backup copies of all the literature and graphic designs her 
team was working on.

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