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Cyber Storm shows ferocity of virtual attack

Cyber Storm shows ferocity of virtual attack
Cyber Storm shows ferocity of virtual attack,25642,24395557-5014239,00.html 

By Peter Veness in Canberra
September 24, 2008

THE quick and ferocious nature of cyber attacks on government must be 
recognised in the next generation of security, a previously unreleased 
report from the Attorney-General's Department urges.

In March this year governments from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, 
Canada and the US ran the largest-ever cyber war games, Cyber Storm II.

The participants, which included the private sector, were surprised by 
the "borderless nature" of cyber attacks and the "speed with which they 
can escalate", according to Freedom of Information documents obtained by 

"Contingency planning must include potential flow-on effects," the final 
report into Cyber Storm II says.

"An important learning was the need to formalise lines of communication 
between government and industry to ensure that the scope of any problem 
is properly understood to enable a coordinated and effective response."

Cyber Storm II tested critical infrastructure including dam walls, 
telecommunications and government computer networks.

Corporate participants included Microsoft, the Commonwealth Bank, Optus, 
Westpac, Woodside Energy and the Australian Securities Exchange.

Government agencies playing a part in the war games included the 
Australian Federal Police, Defence Signals Directorate, ASIO, Centrelink 
and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The report said Australia passed the games without major faults being 


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