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Hackers and Nigeria vulnerability to cyber terrorism

Hackers and Nigeria vulnerability to cyber terrorism
Hackers and Nigeria vulnerability to cyber terrorism 

By Emeka Aginam
Asst. Online Editor    
24 September 2008

Cyber terrorism and challenges posed by hackers have brought their ugly 
faces in the Nigerian economy and a nation with record porosity in cyber 
space is reeling in pain as to the devastation that can be caused in 
macabre time.

The ugly trend, according to findings, has left majority of corporate 
organizations and IT firms across the globe in perpetual fears as a 
result of dangers associated with it. Just like the spam mail, how best 
to protect IT infrastructures of organizations against cyber attacks has 
become a serious challenge to government of the world, internet service 
providers, corporate bodies among others.

Hacking, according to findings come in many forms including, hacker 
software, website hacking, mobile phone hacking, email hacking, credit 
card hacking, password hacking, hacking google,_linux hacking, google 
hacking and prevention, game hacking, black hat hackers, online hacking 

Happenings in Nigeria last week which communicated in the closure of 
Channels Television for a story on the President.s rumored resignation 
are horrible examples of cyber terrorism. NAN has denied the story which 
purportedly emanated from its news gathering and dissemination platform.

But looking at global cyber terrorism, service providers appear helpless 
in arresting the trend said to be increasing in geometric progression by 
the day across the globe.


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