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A bigger HITBSecConf this year

A bigger HITBSecConf this year
A bigger HITBSecConf this year 

The Star Online
September 24, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: HITBSecConf - Asia's largest network security conference - 
is back again and this year is expected to attract more than 1,000 
attendees from around the world.

Scheduled to take place in the capital from Oct 27-30, the event will 
offer an expanded conference programme with more than 35 speakers, 
including four keynote speakers.

In addition, this year's HITBSecConf will also, for the first time ever, 
feature a triple track conference that includes the new HITB Lab 
sessions that run in parallel with the conference proceedings.

Organised by Hack In The Box (M) Sdn Bhd, the event is in its sixth 

The first two days of the event will be dedicated to hardcore technical 
training sessions, followed by another two full days of triple track 
presentations that will be complemented by hacking competitions and a 
host of other activities.

"The fact that HITBSecConf is expanding year after year underscores how 
critical network security as a subject matter has become in Malaysia," 
said Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, founder and CEO of Hack In The Box.

He said it also shows that IT decision makers in local organisations and 
network security professionals worldwide acknowledge the value that 
HITBSecConf offers in terms of hands-on training, deep technical 
information, and insights into security trends.

This year's technical training tracks include Structured Network Threat 
Analysis and Forensics; Bluetooth, RFID & Wireless Hacking; Web 
Application Security - Advanced Attacks and Defence; and The Exploit 

Due to the nature of the information and training that will be provided, 
Hack In The Box will require participants of The Exploit Laboratory 
track to sign a code-of-ethics document.

This, said Kannabhiran, is to ensure that newly acquired exploit 
techniques from the course are only used appropriately and ethically.

Among the keynote speakers are Jeremiah Grossman, founder & chief 
technology officer at White Hat Security; Marcus Ranum, chief security 
officer of Tenable Network Security; Dr Anton Chuvakin, chief research 
officer at Log Logic Inc; as well as Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij, 
founders of The Pirate Bay.

Sunde and Neij will be speaking about how the Internet gives individuals 
the power to dissolve old monopolies and will provide attendees with a 
rare insight into what it takes to run The Pirate Bay - the world's 
largest filesharing network system that generates an estimated 10% of 
the global Internet traffic.

The Pirate Bay is a thorn in the side of the current media distributors 
because it utilises the power of the Internet to dissolve the old 
methods of distribution.


Complementing the conference proceedings will be the new HITB Lab 
sessions. These labs have been added to cater to attendees who would 
like to gain a deeper understanding through hands-on tutorial sessions. 
Each session admits up to 50 participants with laptops and runs for 120 

There will be three sessions of the HITB Lab each day and some of the 
topics that have been lined up include tips and tricks to attack popular 
wireless technologies such as 802.11 b/g/n; cracking WEP/WPA/WPA2; 
attacking RFID tags, RFID passports and Bluetooth devices; and 
high-level physical security bypass methods.

Apart from those, popular activities from previous years will also be 
featured, including the team-based Capture The Flag "Live Hacking" 
competition, Wireless Village, Lock Picking Village, and Open Hack 

Pending a sponsor for the event, this year's Open Hack will involve a 
fully patched Apple MacBook Air with a default install of the Leopard 
operating system with all patches applied and the firewall set to 
default settings. The first person to successfully hack into the MacBook 
Air will take the machine home.

Furthermore, the security exploit discovered in this year's Open Hack 
will be auctioned to the highest bidder during the HITBSecConf2008 
Malaysia Charity Auction.

Proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Parents. Resource for 
Autism Malaysia, a non-profit support group for parents whose children 
are affected by autism and other related disorders. The website is 

For more information and latest updates on HITBSecConf2008, surf to 

The event is endorsed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia 
Commission; Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management 
Planning Unit; Malaysian National Computer Confederation; and Multimedia 
Development Corporation.

Register now for HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia! With 
a new triple-track conference featuring 4 keynote 
speakers and over 35 international experts, this 
is the largest network security event in Asia and 
the Middle East! 

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