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Pick a lock. For fun. (It's legal too)

Pick a lock. For fun. (It's legal too)
Pick a lock. For fun. (It's legal too),0,4599280.story 

By Trine Tsouderos 
Tribune reporter
September 25, 2008

Give Eric Michaud a can of beer (Guinness works best) and a pair of 
scissors and he can open just about any garden-variety padlock in 

This is how: During a recent interview at a North Side bar, Michaud, a 
prominent lockpicking hobbyist (you read it right), cut the top and 
bottom off a can and carved a wavy M-shape out of the middle. He then 
folded and refolded it in such a way that it could be inserted between 
the lock and the shackle. A twist and voila! The lock popped open.

Making shims (as they are called in lockpicking circles and yes, there 
are lockpicking circles) like these are the source of a little lock 
pickers' humor, explained Michaud, who is 26, a co-founder of The Open 
Organization of Lockpickers US (TOOOL, for short) and who is famous, 
among global lock pickers, for his finesse in making lockpicking tools.

"We say, if you have a soda can next to a few pickers at work, you might 
want to upgrade your security."


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