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October will be big cyber month

October will be big cyber month
October will be big cyber month 

By John Andrew Prime 
September 26, 2008 

One of the world's top reformed hackers and leaders of the Air Force's 
cyber arm here are among the confirmed speakers at the Cyber Innovation 
Center's Cyber Awareness Summit, Oct. 7-9 at the Shreveport Convention 

Sponsors are the Cyber Innovation Center/National Cyber Research Park, 
the 8th Air Force and the provisional Air Force Cyber Command at 
Barksdale Air Force Base.

Confirmed speakers include best-selling cyber author Douglas Rushkoff, 
former top hacker-turned-cyber-defense-expert Kevin Mitnick, author of 
"The Art of Deception and The Art of Intrusion," U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. 
Robert J. Elder, commander of the 8th Air Force, and Maj. Gen. William 
T. Lord, commander of Air Force Cyber Command.

The Shreveport cyber event will include the first public comments by 
general officers leading cyber efforts in the Air Force after the 
completions of Corona Fall. That's a thrice-a-year gathering of top Air 
Force leaders and the service's full-rank generals.

The Coronas allow senior leaders to come together for frank, open 
discussions and decision-making about the future of the air arm. This 
year, they are expected to include discussion about cyber, training and 
nuclear issues that have riveted the attention of Air Force and Defense 
leadership since this summer, when the top two leaders of the service 
were fired by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. That followed a series 
of embarrassing mistakes by the Air Force handling nuclear components.

Corona Fall will be Oct. 1-4 at Colorado Springs, Colo., "and we do 
expect releases from it, but likely not for two to six weeks after, as 
it will take time for everyone to work the major points of the 
decisions," Air Force spokesman Ed Gulick said.

One week after the Shreveport summit, the National Cyber Security 
Conference will be held Oct. 16-17 at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, 
in Las Vegas. Geared toward military professionals and industry type and 
limited to U.S. personnel and people from allied nations only, it has a 
steep price to attend, almost $2,000 per person.


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