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GAO: Los Alamos Lab has cybersecurity gaps

GAO: Los Alamos Lab has cybersecurity gaps
GAO: Los Alamos Lab has cybersecurity gaps

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By Alice Lipowicz
September 26, 2008

The Los Alamos National Laboratory suffers from cybersecurity weaknesses 
that affect how it protects information on its sensitive but 
unclassified network, according to a new report [1] from the Government 
Accountability Office.

That network includes sensitive data such as controlled nuclear 
information, export control information, and personally identifiable 
information about employees of the national lab, the GAO report released 
Sept. 25 explained.

The nuclear weapons lab, in Los Alamos, N.M., has experienced breaches 
in its security in several incidents over the last decade. It was 
budgeted nearly $200 million in fiscal 2007 to provide for physical and 
cybersecurity. Despite improvements, the facility continues to have gaps 
in its physical security and cybersecurity, the GAO report concluded.

=E2=80=9COur review of cybersecurity at Los Alamos National Laboratory found 
that the laboratory has implemented measures to enhance its information 
security, but weaknesses remain in protecting the confidentiality, 
integrity and availability of information on its unclassified network,=E2=80=9D 
the report said.



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