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Accused hacker freed on bail in $1.8M theft case

Accused hacker freed on bail in $1.8M theft case
Accused hacker freed on bail in $1.8M theft case 

By Daryl Slade
Calgary Herald
September 26, 2008

The alleged mastermind of a $1.8-million theft from a Calgary financial 
company has been granted bail.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom ordered Ehud Tenenbaum -- who spent 
time in jail for hacking into the U.S. Defence Department's computer 
system -- released on $30,000 cash following a bail hearing Thursday.

Bascom said he was concerned about the 29-year-old's lack of ties to 
Calgary, but felt he could be monitored in Montreal, where he has some 

"This individual is very skilled -- to use his abilities for good or 
evil," said Bascom.

Crown prosecutor Jane McClellan told court the Israeli man's computer 
and Internet provider address in Montreal were used to hack into 
computers belonging to Direct Cash Management Inc. in Calgary.

She said if it had not been for Tenenbaum leaving his computer turned on 
at his apartment when Montreal police executed a search warrant in his 
absence, they would not have been able to seize incriminating evidence.


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