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By Brian Krebs 
Security Fix
Washington Post
September 26, 2008

If you thought your wireless network was too remote or obscure to find, 
you might want to think again. There's a non-trivial chance that the 
name of your network and its precise geographic coordinates are already 
mapped out and searchable by anyone with a Web browser.

At least for U.S.-based networks, probably the best place to find that 
information is at the free database maintained by The 
Wireless Geographic Logging Engine is a Web site that maps data gathered 
by "wardrivers," geeks who enjoy cruising around with open laptops 
connected to global positioning system (GPS) devices in order to chart 
the distribution of wireless networks.

WiGLE's database allows anyone to search for a wireless network by 
geographic area or by the name of the service set identifier (SSID), the 
moniker either manually or otherwise automatically assigned to all 
wireless access points. Wireless routers broadcast their SSIDs as a way 
of inviting users nearby to connect with the network.


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