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Portrait Of A Computer Forensic Examiner

Portrait Of A Computer Forensic Examiner
Portrait Of A Computer Forensic Examiner 

By Thomas Claburn
September 26, 2008

Ives Potrafka, a forensic examiner with the Center for Computer 
Forensics, sees a lot of data theft. Those responsible tend to be 
ex-employees, either starting up a company while employed or going to a 
competitor and taking trade secrets.

According to Potrafka, when insiders steal corporate data, they tend to 
do it via noncorporate e-mail accounts or using external storage media.

Potrafka spent four years as a Special Agent, Computer Forensic 
Examiner, and Internet Investigator in the High Tech Crime Unit in 
Michigan Attorney General's Office, and served as a law enforcement 
officer for 24 years. "Certainly, hacks take place. ... Those are the 
ones that makes the papers," he says. "But it's more common that it's 
insider-related and employee-related."

Nowadays, Potrafka tends to work for clients in civil actions, though he 
still works on the occasional criminal case. A lot of his work involves 
e-mail analysis and keyword searches.


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