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Shortage of security experts leaves hackers ruling the roost

Shortage of security experts leaves hackers ruling the roost
Shortage of security experts leaves hackers ruling the roost

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VietNamNet Bridge

Viet Nam faces a huge shortage of network security experts even as a 
string of hacking incidents has shown that computer security in the 
country is seriously flawed.

Vo Do Thang, training manager at a center for network administration and 
network security, said while there are thousands of banks and 
brokerages, the number of experienced network security experts remains 
small. Even many bank branches lack network security personnel, he said.

Nguyen Thanh Tu, manager of a network security company, said the 
shortage was in terms both of quality and numbers.

The quality of training was less than optimum, he said.

Ho Chi Minh City has only a handful of network security training centers 
like Athena Center, University of Natural Sciences, University of 
Technology, and Sai Gon Technology Training Center.

This year there has been a clutch of hacking incidents. Hackers 
reportedly paralyzed thousands of websites in July, including PA Viet 
Nam, one of the country=E2=80=99s largest domain name suppliers.

Techcombank=E2=80=99s website was hacked at the same time, unveiling serious 
breaches in its network security.

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