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Hackers step up attacks

Hackers step up attacks
Hackers step up attacks 081119 

The Standard
November 19, 2008

The number of hacking attacks on computers in the city rose dramatically 
in the first ten months of the year.

Speaking at the Information Security Summit, Hong Kong Productivity 
Council executive director Wilson Fung said far government agencies had 
handled more than 480 attacks during January-October, a 44 percent jump 
from last year.

He said the alarming rise in attacks demanded government action to raise 
public awareness and put into place stronger policy measures.

HK Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center manager Roy Ko 
said many attacks came from international cyber-crime syndicates lead by 
highly trained hackers.

He said the increase was also due to the proliferation of new software 
more susceptible to attacks.

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