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'50% Wi-Fi connections not secure'

'50% Wi-Fi connections not secure'
'50% Wi-Fi connections not secure'

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The Times of India
21 Nov 2008

PUNE: About 50 per cent of Pune=E2=80=99s wireless network (Wi-Fi) connections 
are not secure and can be hacked into any moment, said city police 
commissioner Satyapal Singh on Thursday.

He appealed to the government and private firms to strictly follow the 
guidelines for securing Wi-Fi connections.

Singh told reporters that a sample survey conducted by the police has 
revealed that out of the total Wi-Fi connections in the city, 31% are 
partly secured while 19% fully secured.

He said the police, in collaboration with a private firm called 
ClubHack, conducted checks to find out measures taken for protecting 
wireless connections. The survey was conducted following several 
incidents of hacking of the Wi-Fi system for allegedly sending terror 

The police chief said the issue needs to be dealt on a priority basis 
because =E2=80=9Cthe city was slowly turning out to be a base for cyber 


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