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Stolen laptop leads to drug bust

Stolen laptop leads to drug bust
Stolen laptop leads to drug bust 


Security software built into a stolen laptop computer led police to a 
Hoisington residence on Tuesday. Authorities not only found the 
computer, but they also uncovered what appears to be a methamphetamine 

Detective Denton Doze at the Great Bend Police Department said the 
$9,000 computer, along with hand tools and power tools, was stolen 
during a burglary reported last Friday at the My Town project, 1419 Main 

The first time someone went online with the missing laptop, the 
manufacturer tracked it through the e-mail and notified police. 
Detective Doze got a search warrant for the residence of Dennis L. Price 
at 413 Maple Street in Hoisington. The Hoisington Police Department, 
including Chief Kenton Doze (the Great Bend detective's brother), and 
the Barton County Sheriff's Office were involved in executing the 
warrant. Their search began around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

"The computer was on the living room floor," Detective. Doze said. 
During the search for the missing hand tools, suspected drugs were found 
and it was Hoisington Police Chief Kenton Doze's turn to get a search 


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