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CBS website bitten by iFrame hack

CBS website bitten by iFrame hack
CBS website bitten by iFrame hack 

By John E. Dunn
01 December 2008

TV network CBS has become the latest big name to have it website used to 
host malware, a security company has reported.

It appears that Russian malware distributors were able to launch another 
iFrame attack on a sub-domain of the site so that it was serving 
remote malware to any visitors. A user's vulnerability to the malware 
attack launched by the site hack would depend on a number of factors, 
including the type of security used on a PC, the operating system, and 
possibly the browser version.

"This saga confirms our many previous warnings that obfuscated code 
posing a serious threat to Internet users' PCs, said Finjan CTO, Yuval 
Ben-Itzhak, who has devoted a fair amount of time in recent months to 
finding these hacks.

"Our Threats Reports have continued to identify the increasing use of 
code obfuscation as a means of bypassing traditional signature-based 
solutions in order to propagate malware," Ben-Itzak continued, taking a 
pop at the anti-virus products against which his company in part 


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