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RE: Easter Bunny Continues to Compromise US Military Computers

RE: Easter Bunny Continues to Compromise US Military Computers
RE: Easter Bunny Continues to Compromise US Military Computers

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"The problem with news regarding breaches in the US Government is, it 
emphasizes the fact that - the US Government really has no clue as to 
who is attacking and or compromising their networks."

Really? Actually, it emphasizes the fact that (in the words of a Beltway 
saw) --- Them that are talking don't know; them that know aren't talking.

Obviously, all details associated with this incident are classified and 
at different levels of classification. I suspect (don't know, so can 
say) that the full details and the extent of damage, compromised 
information, and counter-intelligence efforts is at the codeword level.

If I did have accurate, classified information, why would I provide a 
quote? I like compromising classified information? I like risking my 
career and facing legal penalties? Therefore, you get these uninformed 
quotes. Since there is no penalty for this, you can get everybody's 
personal opinion. Stand-by for the "rogue CIA operation" and "omnipotent 
teenager" and "Al-Qaeda precursor" quotes.

If you pay attention to anything, pay attention to what is done and not 
said. Back in the day, the Soviets from the embassy never paid any real 
attention to what was being said; they always drove by the Pentagon at 
night to see what the parking lot looked like.

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More humorous news from the "Chinese invades the US Infrastructure" 
front. I don't know about anyone else, but imagine me stating: "I saw 
Tom Jones steal my car but I can't be sure it was Tom Jones... Or even 
my car", would you say I was insane? I know if I read that, I would 
think the writer suffered from multiple personality disorder. I'd think 
the writer would have deep rooted psychological issues and a vividly 
UNCLEAR grasp of reality. So today's quote:

  "This wasn't the first such cyberattack, and officials said that 
  earlier incarnations of the virus had exported information such as 
  convoy and troop movements here. It was not clear precisely what 
  information, if any, was being pulled from Department of Defense 
  computers by this latest virus, they said. [1]"


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