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The Easter Bunny colludes with Santa to Compromise NIPRNET

The Easter Bunny colludes with Santa to Compromise NIPRNET
The Easter Bunny colludes with Santa to Compromise NIPRNET

Forwarded from: "J. Oquendo" 

> Forwarded from: "Tired_Lifer"
> Obviously, all details associated with this incident are classified 
> and at different levels of classification. I suspect (don't know, so 
> can say) that the full details and the extent of damage, compromised 
> information, and counter-intelligence efforts is at the codeword 
> level.

Making this sort of speculation without nothing to back it would be akin 
to trying to dispute the accuracy of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus 
attacking the government. If you don't know and can't say, why even make 
mention of it.

Codeword level sounds groovy. Swordfish like however, the reality is, 
the entire situation sounds nothing more like an "e-false flag" (or 
i-false flag - depending on the level of marketing you wish to pursue) 
exercise. If one were to follow the news, quotes, "campaigns" there is a 
mechanism of connecting dots that just don't add up.

On the one hand we have the government saying China backdoored all 
mobo's (oh noes!) - so let's view the choice of wording:

Wait a second here... What do I see? Do my eyes deceive me? The 
government is basing their information from "cited news articles" Last I 
checked, there is no reporter with access to what you state is 
"classified information" or "uber codework". Sorry Charlie, no purple 
footballs to be deciphered. This is the government's wording - not mine. 
Start reading between the lines

Is this the same Redstone Arsenal with a revolving door of missing and 
stolen weapons our media keeps mum on? [1] Possibly, however I doubt 
that. I mean to think that anyone in this country would do something as 
subversive as spy or sell secrets would be so insane one would have to 
be Mel Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory.

No sir, missing weapons, turning up in Iraq, years later?

There are far too many variables on the political side alone to take the 
whole scenario seriously - outside of the US government feeding media 
with disinformation when it comes to "cyberkung-fu panda" hackers from 

> If I did have accurate, classified information, why would I provide a 
> quote? I like compromising classified information? I like risking my 
> career and facing legal penalties? Therefore, you get these uninformed 
> quotes. Since there is no penalty for this, you can get everybody's 
> personal opinion. Stand-by for the "rogue CIA operation" and 
> "omnipotent teenager" and "Al-Qaeda precursor" quotes.

You don't need classified data. Lump together as many articles as you 
can cite. The reporters have your "classified information" ready to use. 
If you can't Google it, let me know I can have someone at Gartner, 
Forrester or some other group put it together for you.

> If you pay attention to anything, pay attention to what is done and 
> not said. Back in the day, the Soviets from the embassy never paid any 
> real attention to what was being said; they always drove by the 
> Pentagon at night to see what the parking lot looked like.

This is my problem, paying attentiopn to what is NOT DONE. For this I 
re-introduce to you the "Santa Claus Anti Hacker Protection Plan" [2] in 
fact, I can make it readily available for a fee to any company, 
government, Joe the Plumber willing to look into my eyes [3]

But wait! If you act now, we'll even throw in the patent pending:

Remember, according to those in the know (news media of course), 
according to the FBI and Pentagon - they're aware that China has 
"backdoored" boards with "phone home" computing which they can use to 
access NIPR, SIPR, possibly even RIPR nets :( What could possible be 

So here we're told they "HAVE A BACKDOOR" but yet they need to "hack 
into" because "we see them touch our networks, with their beady eyed 
little hacker groups. ... I don't know but in my travails throughout the 
security world, I can pinpoint any kind of "hacker group" with the 
capability of backdooring boards. After all - the machines would be 
backdoored and "phoning home" so why the need to "hack in".


J. Oquendo

"Each player must accept the cards life deals him
or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone
must decide how to play the cards in order to win
the game." Voltaire

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