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SCADA chatroom for security boffins

SCADA chatroom for security boffins
SCADA chatroom for security boffins

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By Sarah Falson 
04 December 2008 

A new online chatroom/forum for SCADA and control system security 
enthusiasts has been launched by a group of self-named =E2=80=98enthusiast 

The group, which consists of security developers, risk managers, 
homeland security researchers, engineers, asset and infrastructure 
managers, and security professionals, started the new discussion forum, 
at, to =E2=80=9Cbring together academics and 
industry people interested in the subject of SCADA and control systems 

Topics welcome on the message board also include SCADA-related 
technologies, such as agents, distributed architectures, non-technical 
methodologies, and varied discussions relating to impacts from risk to 

While the website is US-based, worldwide members are encouraged to join, 
and bring local issues to the discussion board.


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