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'Russian mafia is largest cyber crime syndicate'

'Russian mafia is largest cyber crime syndicate'
'Russian mafia is largest cyber crime syndicate' 

By Aditi Utpat
The Times of India
7 Dec 2008

PUNE: While cyber criminals world-over are driven by similar knowledge 
of technology, the key difference lies in the "motivation behind the 
crime", says Chris Goggans, a celebrated American hacker and computer 
security expert.

Pointing out that internet security issues are as a rising concern all 
over the world, Goggans said that the Russian mafia account for the 
"most organized" cyber crimes. "The most serious cyber crimes are from 
Russia and China. While most of the cyber crimes from Russia are 
financial in nature (stealing credit card number, bank account details), 
crimes emanating from China are related to theft of intellectual 
property, government information and military data," Goggans said.

"The cyber criminals in South America, Brazil, Korea, Europe are not 
involved in very sinister crimes. They are mainly into hacking for 
proving themselves," he added.

Goggans has the unique distinction of having broken into the system of 
America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) within six hours to 
uncover potential security threats for the US government. "Often, making 
leeways in the norms set by the parent company for small comforts 
creates major hurdles in the security system," Goggans said.

Claiming that he hasn't "seen much cyber crimes" from India, Goggans 
said that it may be because of the low proportion of cyber crimes, or 
simply that it may have skipped his eye.


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