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Security chief issues warning

Security chief issues warning
Security chief issues warning 


At the dawn of a new political administration, the United States faces 
evolving security threats that must be addressed through dynamic 
intelligence practices, the director of national intelligence, Mike 
McConnell, said in a speech at the Harvard Kennedy School yesterday.

"With weapons of mass destruction that could result in the death of 
many, many people - chemical, biological and nuclear weapons - we assess 
the likelihood of each," said McConnell, who became the second director 
of national intelligence in 2007. "The likelihood of nuclear attack is 
less but is not eliminated."

Cyberterrorism is yet another rising danger, McConnell said.

"The cyber threat is the soft underbelly of the United States," 
McConnell said. "The United States depends on the cyber infrastructure 
more than any other on earth."

He said that the American financial system is especially vulnerable to a 
type of cyberterrorism he referred to as "data destruction."


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