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Ex-agent admits hacking into FBI to help actress

Ex-agent admits hacking into FBI to help actress
Ex-agent admits hacking into FBI to help actress

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By Bill Myers
Examiner Staff Writer 

A former FBI agent pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he hacked into 
his agency=E2=80=99s computer to help his girlfriend, actress Linda Fiorentino, 
obtain key information on the federal case against a Hollywood private 

Mark Rossini walked into D.C. federal court Monday and admitted that 
he=E2=80=99d acted as a mole for Fiorentino, who was a friend of Anthony 

Rossini said in court documents that he had hacked into bureau computers 
five times in the first half of 2007. A law enforcement source told The 
Examiner that among the documents Rossini accessed was a confidential 
FBI memo on the Pellicano case.

The document became a surprise in the already bizarre case that 
unsettled Hollywood=E2=80=99s elite - many of whom were once happy to know 
Pellicano. Defense lawyers introduced the memo into evidence; they said 
it proved that the case against Pellicano had been manufactured.


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