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Chertoff: Cyber defense must be wider

Chertoff: Cyber defense must be wider
Chertoff: Cyber defense must be wider 

By Doug Beizer
December 10, 2008

Cyber attacks against government and commercial networks aren't limited 
to traditional frontal attacks that attempt to create intrusion though 
vulnerabilities,  Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said 
today at an event sponsored by AFCEA.

"We have to ensure we're protecting against the full spectrum of 
threats," Chertoff said. "Everybody thinks about cybersecurity as 
network attacks, but we have to look end to end at the entire 
architecture to make sure we are in fact protecting ourselves."

In a global economy where hardware and software are developed across the 
world, new and difficult-to-find vulnerabilities could affect government 
and commercial systems, he said.

Chertoff said the Bush administration has begun a foundation to help the 
incoming administration, adding, "I do think launched a strategy 
that is robust and that has laid out a major pathway. It has just 
started the process of moving us to a more secure cyberspace. We've got 
a lot of good coordination under our belts." His remarks came at the 
fourth installment of AFCEA's Solutions Series forums.


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