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Black Hat: New Webinar, Japan audio now on-line.

Black Hat: New Webinar, Japan audio now on-line.
Black Hat: New Webinar, Japan audio now on-line.

Infosec News readers, some new content to devour!

NEW FREE WEBCAST - Oracle Database Forensics

Black Hat's webcast series continues with another powerful presentation 
from a popular Black Hat speaker. This month's presenter is David 
Litchfield of NGS software, speaking on Oracle database forensics, and 
he will be releasing a new tool called orablock which he describes this 

"Orablock allows a forensic investigator to dump data from a "cold" 
Oracle data file - i.e. there's no need to load up the data file in the 
database which would cause the data file to be modified, so using 
orablock preserves the evidence. Orablock can also be used to locate 
"stale" data - i.e. data that has been deleted or updated. It can also 
be used to dump SCNs for data blocks which can be useful during the 
examination of a compromised Oracle box."

Please join us to learn about Oracle DB forensics from one of the 
innovators of the field, as well as learn about his new tool and to get 
your questions answered. The webcast will be held on December 18 at 1pm 
PST. The URL for registration is: 

For more information about Black Hat's webcast series, including an 
archive of our previous webcasts in audio format: 

BLACK HAT JAPAN audio is now online! Encoded in .m4b format these audio 
files are tiny, as well as being bookmarkable and itunes friendly. 


The next big Black Hat event is Black Hat DC, scheduled for February 
16-19 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington Virginia. The event 
is divide into two sections with two days of intense, hands-on Training 
Sessions followed by a two-day, four-track Briefings portion with a wide 
variety of exciting speakers and presentations. Black Hat DC is a unique 
information security event that places a special emphasis on the needs 
of security professionals who work in government service and 
infrastructure. And we think this one will be our best DC event yet. 
Even though the Black Hat DC Call for Papers doesn't close until January 
1, but we've already confirmed some exciting Briefings presentations.

- Crowd favorite Adam Laurie will return with a satellite-hacking 
  presentation that is sure to be popular.
- Database guru David Litchfield will present a powerful new database 
  forensics tool.
- Andrew Lindell's contribution is entitled "Making Privacy-Preserving 
  data Mining Practical with Smartcards."
- In the hardware hacking area we have a very interesting presentation 
  from Travis Goodspeed on reverse engineering and exploiting wireless 

Our lineup of brand new training sessions includes a physical security 
training by Zac Franken and Adam Laurie entitled "RFID, Access Control 
and Biometric Systems", a Metasploit course called "Tactical 
Exploitation" by Metasploit creator HD Moore and a course on 
"Understanding and Deploying DNNSEC" by Paul Wouters and Patrick Nauber.

As always, it's best to register early for the training of your choice 
to make sure there's a place for you - seats are limited. To learn more 
about all of our training courses, follow this link: 

Please keep in mind that the early bird rate that's in effect for the 
Briefings and the Training classes will end on January 1. To take 
advantage of those significant savings, please consider registering 
soon.  The Black Hat Europe early bird rate ends February 1 - we'll have 
more details about that event in our next mailing.

Another reminder is that Black Hat is still considering Briefings 
speaker applications for both Black Hat DC and Black Hat Europe, so if 
you have a strong, compelling and technical presentation to share, 
please let us know! To be considered for Black Hat DC, you'll need to 
have your work in our system by January 1. The deadline is February 1 
for the Black Hat Europe CFP, the details for potential presenters are 
available online:


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  just getting started, but please post your Black Hat pics. 

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Thank you,
Jeff Moss
Director of Black Hat, CMP Media LLC

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