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Online Casino Crime Down, Says Official Report

Online Casino Crime Down, Says Official Report
Online Casino Crime Down, Says Official Report 

By Lee Rockwell 
Online Casino Sphere
December 14, 2008

LONDON -- According to a new report, online casino crime decreased 
dramatically in 2008. The investigation into offshore gaming proves 
online casinos are safer and more secure than ever.

In the report, investigators studied network traffic at 5 of the largest 
online gambling venues in the world. The casinos who took part in the 
study were all UK-based, publicly-traded companies.

In the past, online casinos were constant targets for computer hackers 
across the globe. In one instance, a large sports gambling operation was 
overtaken by hackers the week before the Superbowl. Hackers insisted 
they be paid millions in ransom before they would turn over control.

Cyber-Investigators say a heightened awareness of computer security and 
increased spending on security infrastructure are the reasons for an 
overall improvement.  Specific reasons include, limiting physical access 
to computer servers to only a few individuals; money spent on hardware 
mechanisms that impose security rules on computer programs; new 
operating system mechanisms that impose strict security layers; 
programming strategies that make online casino games more dependable.


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