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Korea Plans Hacking Competition

Korea Plans Hacking Competition
Korea Plans Hacking Competition 

By Kim Tong-hyung
Staff Reporter
The Korea Times

The government plans to invest 230 billion won (about $168 million) 
through 2013 to support local companies in the computer security 

The plan announced by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Monday, 
promises lavish investment for research and development (R&D) in key 
areas such as network security and convergence technologies and training 
for about 3,000 security experts, including ``ethical hackers.'' It also 
plans to host an international hacking competition.

``The importance of security technology is being stressed around the 
world now, as countries look for better ways to prevent crime, terror 
and disasters,'' said Lee Dong-geun, a ministry official said.

``We are expecting strong participation from businesses and the academic 
sectors to spur growth of the industry. Korean companies currently 
control 8 percent of the international security market, but through our 
investment plan, we want to boost that number to 13 percent,'' he said.

The government will spend 150 billion won through 2013 to invest in 
research in the three key areas of network security, physical security 
systems and convergence technologies.


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