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Fear the database admin, warns security report

Fear the database admin, warns security report
Fear the database admin, warns security report

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By John E. Dunn
15 December 2008

One of the best ways to improve database security is to carefully 
monitor the very people entrusted to manage them, database 
administrators (DBAs), a report has concluded.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Aberdeen Group study of 120 mostly large 
companies around the globe found a correlation between adopting a range 
of database security practices and frequency of data breaches.

Companies ranked as using =E2=80=98best practice' suffered 8 percent fewer 
incidents of data loss compared to those not adopting such measures, and 
ended up with 10 percent fewer of a range of audit deficiencies.

However, one of the defining characteristics of companies rated as 
having good security was a strict management of the managers. This means 
that database staff are monitored in some form, there is a separation of 
duties between different managers, and certain kinds of database access 
are blocked or restricted.

"In this study, respondents estimated that databases are the repository 
for nearly two-thirds of their sensitive data, so it's no surprise that 
the results show organisations that monitor privileged user activity 
suffer fewer data losses," said Aberdeen group's Derek E. Brink.


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