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Seeking Obama's Cyber Czar

Seeking Obama's Cyber Czar
Seeking Obama's Cyber Czar 

By Andy Greenberg

Should the head of cybersecurity in the new administration come from 
private industry, government or the military?

For weeks, blogs have been buzzing about which Silicon Valley luminary 
will be tapped as President-elect Obama's chief technology officer, the 
most innovation-focused position in what has been touted as a 
hyper-innovative regime.

But the Obama team may also be quietly preparing another, less-flashy 
tech role. The president-elect has alluded to appointing a so-called 
"cyber adviser," charged with protecting the government and critical 
infrastructure from a growing wave of hackers and cyberspies.

"As president, I'll make cyber security the top priority that it should 
be in the 21st century," Obama said in a rare mention of the issue in a 
speech at Purdue University last July. "I'll declare our 
cyber-infrastructure a strategic asset and appoint a National Cyber 
Adviser who will report directly to me."

That cyber czar, whose exact role the Obama team has yet to define, 
could elevate the top cybersecurity role from the Department of Homeland 
Security to the White House, a position where it's likely to have far 
more real authority to implement changes.


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