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Accused SF Network Hacker Facing Felony Charges

Accused SF Network Hacker Facing Felony Charges
Accused SF Network Hacker Facing Felony Charges
December 25, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday 
that a city network engineer jailed for allegedly tampering with the 
city's main computer network should stand trial on felony charges, an 
investigator for the man's attorney said.

Terry Childs, 44, of Pittsburg, will be arraigned on the charges in 
January, defense investigator Bob Holmes said. A trial date has not yet 
been scheduled.

Prosecutors could not immediately be reached for comment late today.

Childs was arrested and charged in July with four counts of computer 
network tampering, as well as one count of causing losses of more than 
$200,000, resulting from the tampering. If convicted he could face up to 
seven years in prison. He remains in custody on $5 million bail.

After eight days of a preliminary hearing, featuring testimony from 
computer forensics investigators and some of Childs' coworkers and 
supervisors, Judge Paul Alvarado held Childs to answer on all the 
charges, Holmes said.

Prosecutors have alleged that Childs rigged the city's FiberWAN network 
-- which handles about 70 percent of the city's computer traffic -- with 
his own passwords and had installed "traps" on the system that would 
have caused a full system failure if power were to be shut down.


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