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CastleCops: In Memorium

CastleCops: In Memorium
CastleCops: In Memorium

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By Michael Santo
December 27th, 2008

CastleCops, the volunteer-run website and organization famous for 
fighting phishing, highly recommended by many, has gone offline. The 
site had reached its five-year anniversary in 2007.

CastleCops had made many enemies among the malware community, who used 
DDOS attacks on the site as well as PayPal donations from compromised 
accounts to ruin the site=E2=80=99s PayPal reputation.

In June, founder Paul Laudanski announced in June that he had been hired 
by Microsoft to work on phishing and spam investigations, and said that 
he hoped to find someone else to run the site.

On their site, CastleCops said:

    You have arrived at the CastleCops website, which is currently 
    offline. It has been our pleasure to investigate online crime and 
    volunteer with our virtual family to assist with your computer needs 
    and make the Internet a safer place. Unfortunately, all things come 
    to an end. Keep up the good fight folks, for the spirit of this 
    community lies within each of us. We are empowered to improve the 
    safety and security of the Internet in our own way. Let us feel 
    blessed for the impact we made and the relationships created.


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