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Commission to fund research on China's cyberwarfare capabilities

Commission to fund research on China's cyberwarfare capabilities
Commission to fund research on China's cyberwarfare capabilities

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By Ben Bain
December 29, 2008

A commission established by Congress to monitor issues important to the 
United States=E2=80=99 relationship with China is looking for a contractor to 
analyze the capabilities of the Chinese government and its affiliates to 
conduct cyberwarfare and exploit computer networks.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) issued a 
request for proposals [1] Dec. 19 for a contract to produce a one-time 
unclassified report that would:

* Identify and assess major actors in China =E2=80=94 state-affiliated and 
  state-sponsored =E2=80=94 who appear to be engaged in developing cyberwarfare 

* Explain how different organizations involved in those activities might 
  be linked to one another.

* Assess the state of development of China's cyberwarfare doctrine.

* Provide a timeline of alleged Chinese-based hacking and intrusion into 
  U.S. computer networks and those of U.S. allies.

* Analyze the vulnerabilities of U.S. government computer systems and 
  civilian infrastructure and offer applicable policy recommendations.

USCC was created in October 2000 to investigate the national security 
implications of the trade and economic relationship between the United 
States and China and submit an annual report to Congress, with 
recommendations as appropriate. The leaders of the House and Senate 
appoint the commissioners.

The government will award the contract based on a combination of 
proposed costs, technical value and abilities, the RFP states. 
Submissions are due by Jan. 21, 2009.


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