TCS makes Linux DISA compliant

TCS makes Linux DISA compliant
TCS makes Linux DISA compliant 

By Joab Jackson

Trusted Computer Solutions has upgraded its Security Blanket security 
compliance software so that it can make Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
compliant with the settings defined in the Defense Information Systems 
Agencys Security Technical Implementation Guide for that operating 

The profile also includes Linux security profiles from the SANS 
Institute and the Center for Internet Security, and a security profile 
for the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) in addition to RHEL.

TCS offers Security Blanket 1.2 not only to Defense agencies, but to 
civilian agencies as well.

The Department of Defense has invested a great deal of time and research 
in the development of these lockdown guidelines, said Ed Hammersla, 
chief operating officer at TCS, in a statement Now commercial companies 
and civilian government agencies can have the same level of security as 
the DOD.

DISA developed STIGS as a way to establish a secure baseline 
configuration for the agency's servers. TCS claims that the Security 
Blanket is the first software to automate the setting and checking of 
the DISA STIG configurations on RHEL servers.

Security Blanket costs $198 per server.

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