Defence IT security ups server infrastructure

Defence IT security ups server infrastructure
Defence IT security ups server infrastructure;1293532658;fp;16;fpid;0 

By Rodney Gedda 

Australia's national authority for signal intelligence and information 
security, the Defence Signals Directorate, will install an additional 50 
servers to facilitate the operations of its computer network 
vulnerability team.

The DSD computer network vulnerability team, part of the information 
security group, conducts vulnerability assessments, IT security incident 
response, research and development, and provides advice and assistance 
on ICT security policy.

The team requires "significant" IT server infrastructure for these and 
other operations.

>From April to May 2008 the DSD will acquire 30 1U servers with dual 
2.6GHz quad-core processors and "no less than 8GB" of memory. RAID SAS 
hard disks and dual redundant power supply is also required.

Also on the shopping list are 12 1U dual core 2.0GHz Intel Xeon "or 
similar" systems with at least 1GB of memory.

For more storage-intensive operations, five 2U dual quad-core servers 
will be purchased with "no less than" 3TB of SAS HDD storage.

The most mission-critical system to be purchased is a VMware ESX server 
cluster, consisting of three, dual 3GHz quad-core servers with as much 
as 16GB of memory in a 2U form factor.

Each machine in the cluster will have four gigabit network interfaces 
and Fibre Channel connectivity to direct attached storage or a SAN with 
at least 10GB of capacity.

All systems are to be delivered to the DSD offices in Russell, Canberra.

Specific operating system details were not released but the contract 
requires tenderers to provide details of any open source licences 
software for any open source software that may be provided.

In addition to providing information security support and advice to 
federal and state authorities, DSD's information security group also 
provides assistance with cryptography and communications technologies

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