EU-wide security project proposed

EU-wide security project proposed
EU-wide security project proposed 

By Tom Young
27 Feb 2008

European security agency Enisa is backing the creation of a EU-wide 
knowledge bank of private and public sector information security 
incidents to improve European e-communcations.

The set up to be known as the Partnership for ICT Security Incident and 
Consumer Confidence Information Exchange (PISCE) - will help 
organisations learn from the mistakes of others.

And the information store could also help in drafting legislation, 
according to Enisa executive director Andrea Pirotti.

"We support the establishment of PISCE, a partnership that would be open 
to security researchers, business partners, and public policy makers," 
he said.

An Enisa feasibility study found that EU-wide data collection is a 
complex matter. It identified over 100 potential partners and 60 
existing data collection initiatives in the area it recommends 
coordination between existing schemes is the best route forward.

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