Brazil's oil data mystery cracked

Brazil's oil data mystery cracked
Brazil's oil data mystery cracked 

By Michael Astor
Associated Press
Feb. 28, 2008

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - When computers with information about newly 
discovered oil fields off Brazil's eastern coast vanished earlier this 
month, allegedly in transit from an offshore rig, it jolted the oil 
industry and alarmed even the nation's president.

On Thursday, however, police said it was petty theft, not corporate 
espionage, that led to the disappearance of information about the Tupi 
fields, an oil discovery so large that Brazilian officials have said the 
country may join OPEC.

"They didn't have the slightest idea of what they had," federal police 
inspector Valdinho Jacinto Caetano said.

Four security guards who worked at the port of Macae, a coastal city in 
Rio de Janeiro state, have been arrested, and police recovered laptops 
and hard drives taken from state oil company Petrobras.


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