Unknown hacker hijacks Macao's government website

Unknown hacker hijacks Macao's government website
Unknown hacker hijacks Macao's government website 
MACAO, March 3 (Xinhua) -- The online directory page of Macao's Public 
Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) was hacked last Saturday, 
but has resumed normal operation hours later that day, according to a 
press statement released on Monday by the Macao Special Administrative 
Region (SAR) Government.
The SAR government said in the statement that since the hijacked website 
only provides public information, it dose not concern any leakage of 
internal information. However, Macao's Judiciary Police has launched an 
investigation into the case.
Meanwhile, the SAFP will run a security assessment of the government 
websites and will step up online security monitoring, according to the 
Lasting for at least four hours the web page, which is linked with the 
government's portal, displayed an emblem of a rose and 
crescent moon with the inscription "We love Mohammed", and the hacker 
even signed the page with an email address, a Macao 
Daily Times report said.
Websites in Macao had generally low security measures as "it was not a 
common place for hacking activities," the daily quoted Justin Wan Si-un, 
Information Technology Manager of the Macao Inter-University Institute, 
as saying.
He added that confidential information which will be uploaded in the 
Legal Affairs Bureau's upcoming real estate registry website could be at 
risk of being stolen if the government did not strengthen internet 

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