IT leaders ignorant of WEEE

IT leaders ignorant of WEEE
IT leaders ignorant of WEEE 

IT Week Staff
IT Week
06 Mar 2008

British IT leaders are struggling to get to grips with regulations 
governing the disposal of electrical equipment, with nearly 
three-quarters admitting they had no idea that legislation was in force.

According to a study by data recovery vendor Kroll Ontrack, 73 per cent 
of IT professionals were unaware of the Waste Electrical and Electronic 
Equipment (WEEE) regulations which finally came into force in the UK in 
January 2007.

The fact that so many companies still havent got to grips with the WEEE 
directive could spell danger, said Phil Bridge, managing director of 
Kroll Ontrack. In addition to failing to comply with regulations, 
companies could also be putting sensitive data at risk.

The research indicated that half of all businesses use some form of data 
deletion technology to ensure end-of-life equipment does not contain 
sensitive information.

But Bridge suggested much of the deletion technology being used was not 
fit for purpose.

The data deletion market is saturated with solutions that promise to 
delete data. However, the effects of many products can easily be 
reversed by computer experts, leaving data vulnerable to attack or 
misuse. Using a Government or Infosec accredited product is the only way 
to ensure delete really means permanently deleted, unrecoverable, he 

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