Oliver North ridicules Spitzer, calls on IT to hire war vets

Oliver North ridicules Spitzer, calls on IT to hire war vets
Oliver North ridicules Spitzer, calls on IT to hire war vets 

By Ellen Messmer
Network World

ORLANDO -- At a security conference in Orlando Tuesday, Col. Oliver 
North mocked the plight of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, caught up in a 
prostitution-ring scandal that may end his political career.

North, who first gained the national spotlight because of his 
involvement in the Reagan Administration-era Iran-Contra affair and who 
is now a news commentator for Fox News, told security managers attending 
the Infosec World Conference that Spitzer "apparently forgot everything 
he knows about information security." As has been widely reported, 
Spitzer is under federal investigation linking him to a high-priced 
prostitute service called Emperors Club VIP through wiretaps, text 
messages, e-mail and wired money transfers.

In his keynote address, North said Spitzer -- a zealous investigator as 
attorney general of New York before becoming governor -- is being 
investigated by federal authorities using the same technologies he has 
used to crack crime cases. North poked fun at Spitzer's alleged link to 
prostitution, saying "it helps to have an electronic warning on your 
belt before you take off your pants."

North also lambasted newspaper and television media that he thinks 
portray an inaccurate, negative picture of the War on Terrorism, 
particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chiding in particular Newsweek and the Washington Post, which he called 
"Washington Compost," North said, "I've made a dozen trips to the war. 
The information being given to the American people is not fairly 
presented." He said he knew of instances where networks in America are 
buying videotape from Arab news media, such as Al-Jazeera, a practice he 

The American troops today are smart, capable and "operate and maintain 
the most sophisticated weapons ever created. That information hasn't 
been communicated to the American people," North told attendees at the 
conference, which has attracted 1,800 people.

Although the American military today displays "competence, courage, 
integrity, loyalty, tenacity and situational awareness,"  North said, 
the "unemployment rate for veterans of this war is nearly 20%. This is 

He noted the national unemployment rate in general hovers around 5%. 
North encouraged the information security managers attending Infosec to 
hire the nation's war veterans. "This is 225,000 young Americans today 
that served in the military." "They're coming out, looking for jobs," he 
said. "For the good of your business and security of this nation, put 
out the help-wanted signs for veterans."

When asked by an audience member whether he supported the idea voiced by 
some presidential candidates about a quick withdrawal from Iraq, North 
replied, "It would be an unmitigated disaster" for several reasons, one 
being that it would result in the "collapse of what has become one of 
our best allies in the War on Terror."

He also said the United States needs to find alternatives to petroleum 
to meet its energy needs because oil money is a big factor in funding 
"the jihad against America."

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