IT-ISAC Names New Officers

IT-ISAC Names New Officers
IT-ISAC Names New Officers 


The Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center has 
named its 2008 board of directors, with Phil Reitinger as its new 

Reitinger leads Microsofts Critical Infrastructure Protection Team. As 
director of trustworthy computing, he works closely with government 
agencies to enhance the security of infrastructures and to further 
Microsofts Trustworthy Computing Initiative, a long-term, companywide 
program to promote the values of reliability, security, privacy and 
responsible business practices.

The technology sharing and analysis center is a nonprofit organization 
of corporate leaders from the information technology sector. It was 
established in 2000 to identify vulnerabilities and threats, including 
working with the Department of Homeland Security to accomplish the goals 
behind the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and information 
technology sector-specific plan.

The IT-ISAC plays an integral role in helping the public and IT sector 
collaborate to combat evolving threats against critical infrastructure, 
Reitinger said. The commitment demonstrated by the members of our 
organization is critical and will help us drive enhanced risk management 
and other initiatives in 2008.

Reitinger was previously the boards vice president and is replacing John 
Sabo, director of global government relations from CA Inc., as IT-ISAC 
president. Joining Reitinger as vice president is Brian Willis, an 
information security analyst at Intel Corp.

Reitingers background in information technology includes a stint in the 
Justice Departments criminal division as deputy chief of the computer 
crime and intellectual property section. He also worked as a criminal 
division trial attorney and was a special assistant U.S. attorney in 
1997 in the Eastern District of Virginia. Before joining the criminal 
division, he was a trial attorney in the civil division.

Named IT-ISAC secretary and treasurer were, respectively, Mary Ann 
Davidson, chief security officer at Oracle Corp., and Rob Clyde, vice 
president of technology at Symantec Corp.

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