Portals Withhold Leak Info From Members

Portals Withhold Leak Info From Members
Portals Withhold Leak Info From Members 

March 27,2008

Hacker attacks on Korean Internet giants Daum and Auction have comprised 
the personal information of large numbers of website members, yet the 
companies have neglected to inform their members of the leaks. The 
companies, each boasting tens of millions of members, are now under fire 
for having failed to control the damage.

In the wake of an attack by hackers on its computer security system in 
late September last year, Daum (, Korea's second-largest 
portal with about 38 million members, found that large amounts of its 
members' personal information had been leaked, it emerged on Wednesday.

Six months later Daum has still not informed its members of the attack. 
The details of the attack were confirmed recently by the Seoul 
Metropolitan Police Agency during an investigation of hacker attacks.

Meanwhile, Korea's largest online shopping mall Auction 
( with around 18 million members, was attacked by 
Chinese hackers on Feb. 4. That attack resulted in the leak of millions 
of files of members' personal information. Auction faced harsh criticism 
from its members for having concealed the attack for more than 20 hours.

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