UK rises to number two in cyber-crime chart

UK rises to number two in cyber-crime chart
UK rises to number two in cyber-crime chart 

By Stewart Meagher
The Inquirer
04 April 2008

A REPORT PUBLISHED by the Internet Complaint Crime Centre (IC3) not only 
puts reported losses due to web-based crime in 2007 at an all-time high 
of $240 million, but also notes that criminal activity from within the 
UK is the second worst in the world.

The IC3 said it received more than 206,000 complaints on its website in 
2007 slightly down on the year before.

Some 90,000 complaints were referred to US law enforcement agencies. Of 
these, 15.3 per cent were attributed to the UK, with traditional hotbeds 
of illegal activity like Nigeria and Romania clocking up just 5.7 and 
1.5 per cent respectively.

The USA still heads the cyber-crime figures at 63.2 per cent of reported 
cases, one of which happen every six seconds.

Internet auction fraud was by far the biggest problem at 35.7 per cent 
with non-delivery or non-payment reaching 24.9 per cent. Con artists 
clocked up 6.7 per cent of complaints while credit card scams and other 
financial crimes represented 17.6 per cent.

And, according to the figures, men lost more money to fraudsters than 
women. Apparently men lost $1.67 for every $1 lost by women. Quite waht 
this is supposed to show is unclear.

The underlying figures are also reckoned to be far in excess of these as 
most people are too embarrassed to admit they've been duped.

IC3 report (pdf) 

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