China's Response to BusinessWeek

China's Response to BusinessWeek
China's Response to BusinessWeek

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Cover Story
April 10, 2008

Editor's Note: The e-mail below is in response to questions sent by 
BusinessWeek to authorities in Beijing and Washington.

From: Wang Baodong
Sent: Wednesday, Apr. 9, 2008 2:47 AM
To: Epstein, Keith
Cc: Tschang, Chi-Chu

Dear Mr. Epstein,

As I told you over phone, I read your questionnaire carefully, and I'm 
very much concerned about the purpose of your story=E2=80=94if it targets China 
and is aimed at fanning up a "China cyber threat", I would strongly 
suggest that you do not do such stories as this would only serve the 
purpose of some anti-China forces, and is not conducive to increasing 
mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and American 

After saying that, I should say that the Chinese government has on 
various occasions expounded its position on this global issue of cyber 
intrusion or hacking. The Chinese Government always opposes and forbids 
any cyber crimes including "hacking" that undermine the security of 
computer networks. Chinese laws and regulations are explicit in this 

As it is, China's cyber space and internet systems are frequently 
intruded and attacked by hackers from certain countries. As a victim of 
hacking attacks, China attaches great importance to cracking down on 
various cyber crimes including hacking activities.

China follows a path of peaceful development, and unswervingly adopts a 
national defense policy which is defensive in nature. China would never 
do anything to harm sovereignty or security of other countries. In 
conformity with such national policies, the Chinese government has never 
employed, nor will it employ so-called civilian hackers in collecting 
information or intelligence of other countries. Allegations against 
China in this respect are totally unwarranted, which only reflect the 
dark mentality of certain people who always regard China as a threat. Of 
course, there are some other people who are misled into believing that 
China is engaged in hacking activities, which is more than wrong.

China enjoys good cooperation with many countries in counter-cyber 
crimes, and is willing to enhance communication and collaboration in 
this field on the basis of mutual respect and objectivity. China hopes 
that, through joint international effort, cyber space will become more 
tranquil, harmonious and more effective in facilitating the welfare of 
the whole human being.

Thank you very much. Please drop me a line to confirm the receipt of 
this email.


Wang Baodong
Press Counselor & Spokesperson
Of the Chinese Embassy to the United States 

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