Re: Crack the hackers

Re: Crack the hackers
Re: Crack the hackers

Forwarded from: Jason Scott 

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008, InfoSec News wrote:



> When asked to describe what a typical 'hacker' looks like, most people 
> will resort to film cliches such as Keanu Reeves from the Matrix. The 
> typical hacker profile is that of a dank unkempt loner who lives in a 
> basement lit by the harsh glow of an LCD and gleefully punches away at 
> a keyboard, defacing websites and leaving rude messages on desktops.

So which is it: Keanu Reeves, movie-star looks and a smouldering stare 
with the occasional kung-fu fighting sequence, or the unkempt loner? I 
am always reminded how utterly and totally lazy reporters are.

Let identityLoveSock take your personal information into 
their wanting hands. 
Because victims have money too. 

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